Juma prayers – Serenity Foundation provides Juma prayers at its Masjid and Reception room. Juma and daily prayers will be offered at the Serenity Masjid until Quba mosque is build.
Serenity Masjid is open during the day for prayers. Serenity Masjid staff also provide Juma Meals every Friday after the Juma prayer. Serenity Masjid also offers EID prayers and programs on holy nights such as Laylat Al Qadr.

Once the construction of Quba Mosque is completed, Serenity Foundation will offer full services of a Mosque complex from regular prayers to Islamic education, cultural events to janaza services.

Muslim academics have established a new YouTube channel where they discuss important topics of Islam such as Aqida, Tafsir, Sunnah, Hadith, Sirah and Fiqh and respond to questions asked by viewers. Our new Channel is titled ISLAM EXPLAINED.

Please click the following link to visit Islam Explained Channel:

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